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Katia Oray

Born to sing 

New Single, Cicatrices


Her smooth voice is heard on bohemian melodies with engaged texts tainted with poetry. Her extraordinary sensitivity rides electric and acoustic guitars.

To Katia, writing a song is an unconscious « act of flesh » that must come from her childhood when her mother Mireille CHANTE used to hum a tune at the foot of her cradle.

This is the expression of a relentless thirst for freedom, the speech of an independent loving woman of the 21st century who is also trapped by her condition and conditionings, and an alchemical practice summarizing her opposite sides because this buddhist practitioner is undoubtedly a sensual women/pleasure seeker, a Nathanael. Katia has indeed written a song entitled « Messe intime » explicitly mixing spirituality and sexuality, recurrent themes in her discography.


Although a sensual dreamer, she joyfully sabotages conventions and concepts.   She has been a fan of Hubert Felix Thiefaine who asked her to play during the first part of his 2006 concert and of David Gilmour from whom she likes to create strange atmospheres and unusual arrangements : saturated rhythm guitar lines, overlapping vocals, taunt violin strings… In 2012, she co-wrote « Manifeste » with Claude Lemesle, a famous french songwriter.


We can feel that her songs build up slowly in her and flow out from her experiences in a flash, almost fallen from the sky. Has she really got other options but to write them down ?

She is an artist we like to see live playing the guitar and spinning in her 70s dresses to bring us into psychedelic , jazz, folk and rock countries. These successful mixtures are her sources of inspiration. 

The dream of a better world is present in the songs of this talented singer who is also a law graduate.

Katia is currently preparing the release of a new album with a first single available on 29 April 2022 on all streaming platforms and a second on 27 January 2023.

Discography :    Cicatrices (single), April 2022

                        Feminine karma (LP), 2014

                       Genuine (LP), 2012

                       En quelques hommes (EP), 2003


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